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Best Dolphin Pool Cleaner

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What is the Best Dolphin Pool Cleaner? Have you decided what pool cleaner you want to buy for your pool area? Do you know the best Dolphin Pool Cleaner available…

Best Zodiac Pool Cleaners 2020 Reviews

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Best Zodiac Pool Cleaners ReviewsUpdated March 21st, 2020 Jump to a Section 0.0.1 What to Consider Before Buying a Zodiac Pool Cleaner 1 Top Zodiac Pool Robots1.1 1. Zodiac MX6 Pool Cleaner1.2…

Best Dolphin Pool Cleaners – Reviews for 2020

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Dolphin Company is manufacturing many types of pool cleaning machines per year. Today here we present the latest collection of dolphin pool cleaners which are launched by this year 2020….

Best Hayward Pool Cleaners – Top 5

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Best Hayward Pool Cleaners – Top 5Updated March 31, 2020Hayward is an American Company which is manufacturing many aqua products from the last eight decades. In these products, we have…

Guide: Raising and Lowering Pool Alkalinity

Alkalinity plays a key role when it comes to pool chemistry, and that’s why it’s necessary for anyone who maintains a swimming pool to have some knowledge about it. So in this article, I’ll talk about pool alkalinity from all angles, including what it is, how it works, why you need it, how you can lower…

Complete Pool Heater Sizing Guide

Jump to Section: 1 So, what to consider?1.1 The size of your pool.1.1.1 Pool Heater Capacity Formula1.1.2 Formula for the Volume of a Pool1.1.3 Formula for Freeform Pools1.2 Where you live (Climate).1.3 How often you use your pool.1.4 Calculating the right size for your pool heater The most important thing about purchasing a pool heater…

What is a Plunge Pool + Cost, Size & Designs

A plunge pool is a small, shallow pool built for the purpose of lounging, wading, and cooling off instead of for swimming and exercising. Some homeowners prefer them because of their lower costs to build, smaller sizes, easier maintenance, and reduced water requirements. A few companies specialize the building and manufacture of plunge pools, like New…
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