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Pentair GW9500 Pool Cleaner Review

If you are looking for a pool cleaner to help you with regular pool maintenance, I suggest that you consider the Pentair GW9500 Pool Cleaner. The cleaner scrubs and cleans even the most stubborn dirt off the pool floor and walls. Often referred to as the “great white pool vacuum cleaner,” it features a bristle-drive mechanism, which probably explains its strength in cleaning everything it comes across in the pool.

What I liked about the Pentair GW9500 Pool Cleaner is that its design makes it well suited for a dish, hopper, and incline-bottom pools. It also comes fully equipped, ensuring that you can use it almost right after purchase. Unlike other models, it is more of a universal model, designed to suit versatile applications. Below are more insights about this incredible pool cleaner.

Key Features of the Pentair GW9500 Pool Cleaner


Product Specifications 

  • Brand Name: Pentair
  • Model: GW9500
  • Type: Suction pool cleaner
  • Pool Type: Inground pools
  • Dimensions: 19 X 41.5 X7
  • Weight: 18.8 pounds

Smarttrac Steering System

Without a doubt, all cleaners available on the market have patented technology that helps run its operations. As for the Pentair GW9500 Pool Cleaner, I was pleased with its Smarttrac programmed steering system. The system offers an overly intricate and flawless functionality. It minimizes human interaction or help with pool cleaning while maximizing the pool cleaner’s efficiency. This technology makes it possible for the cleaner to roll over tight corners, ladders, and obstacles in the pool.

Efficient Bristle Brush Mechanism

Most pool cleaners available on the market use wheels or rollers to move across the pool. However, the Pentair GW9500 Pool Cleaner has a different moving mechanism. A bristle drive smoothly propels it. This unique moving mechanism, coupled with the unit’s oscillating vortex design, allows for an effective and thorough pool cleaning at both the floor and sides.

The Pentair GW9500 Pool Cleaner is designed to clean the entire pool floor, from the deep to the shallow end. However, you should adjust the pump’s flow rate accordingly. If the flow rate is quite low or your pool filter is full, the cleaner becomes less mobile and might have trouble climbing the walls or getting stuck at the deep end.

I also liked the handle telepole adapter that comes in handy in guiding the Pentair GW9500 Pool Cleaner. The adapter is very useful for those who want to speed up the pool cleaning process. With it, you can move the cleaner several times over stubborn spots or through areas where the cleaner missed some spots.

Suits Every Pool Type

For various reasons, we all have different types of swimming pools. While yours could be free-form, mine could be kidney-shaped or angular. Despite its importance in choosing a basic pool cleaner, most people often ignore their pool type when looking for the best pool cleaner. Fortunately, you don’t have to consider this anymore as the Pentair GW9500 Pool Cleaner can clean all pool shapes. The unit climbs all the walls, provided there is no round transition from the bottom of the pool to the sides.

Another amazing feature is that it cleans all types of pool surfaces. Be it fiberglass, vinyl, or gunite, the unit is equally suitable for all surfaces.

Perfect Shape

The Pentair GW9500 Pool Cleaner comes with a rectangular 15-inch cleaning path that cleans the pool surface in the quickest way possible. This brilliant design provides for a thorough cleaning with only one moving part that lasts for several years.

How the Pentair GW9500 Pool Cleaner Works

As with other Pentair suction pool cleaners, the Pentair GW9500 Pool Cleaner requires minimal assembly. The following are included in the delivery package;

  • The pool cleaner
  • Swivel assembly
  • Reducer cone
  • Handle adapter
  • Vacuum regulator
  • Regulator cap
  • Flow gauge
  • 4” length hose sections
  • Vacuum port fitting

Once fully assembled, the Pentair GW9500 Pool Cleaner scrubs and vacuums simultaneously. Worth noting is its impressive ability to scrub away algae from pool water. The unit’s suction power is significant enough to swallow twigs and leaves while cleaning grit, sand, and debris effectively.

Despite taking some time to get around the pool, the Pentair GW9500 Pool Cleaner travels across the slopes and shapes in your pool bottom, creating a 15-inch wide debris-free path. The cleaner took more time in the deep end than the shallow end, but the result was impressive.

NOTE: To avoid frustrations after purchase, note that the pressure range at which the cleaner performs excellently is small. Unlike other units I had before, my Pentair GW9500 Pool Cleaner appeared very sensitive, even to slight pressure changes. A small disruption of pressure affected the speed of the oscillator. With this, the cleaner could not climb the walls well or rise above the waterline.


  • Requires minimal and easy assembly
  • Powerful and dislodges tough dirt and stains
  • Usable on all pool types
  • Effective bristle cleaning mechanism


  • Does not climb stairs
  • Takes longer time to clean.
  • Requires variable speed pool pumps for effective cleaning.

What Other People Say About Pentair GW9500 Pool Cleaner

While it can’t be compared to an automatic pool cleaner, the Pentair GW9500 Pool Cleaner does an exemplary job in cleaning a swimming pool. Most users liked the fact that the unit lasts long, simple to install and maintain. The cleaner also produced minimal noise, as its minimal noise comes from the oscillator’s back and forth movements. The only slight issue with this unit is that it lacked a footpad.

Final Thoughts

Having used the Pentair GW9500 Pool Cleaner for some cleaning sessions, I am convinced it is a well-designed and powerful suction cleaner that cleans and scrubs reliably. Despite its slow cleaning process, it is a simplistic design and an economical choice during purchase and undertaking maintenance.

The bristle-drive, which cleans even the toughest dirt and debris, programmed steering for navigation, adjustable regulator valve, and ease of assembly, are among the few unbeatable features of this unit. Provided you adjust the water pressure correctly, you will find the Pentair GW9500 Pool Cleaner a worthwhile purchase.

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