We cleaned our pool, our neighbors' pools and anyone else that would let us in their backyard, 42 pools and counting, in order to find the best suction pool cleaner for the job.  Our quick recommendation is the Baracuda G3 as the best suction side automatic pool cleaner. Still want more? Check out the top 4 picks below!

Suction side pool cleaners are made for in-ground swimming pools. Basically, the suction side pool cleaners are able to attach with a water filtration system for pumping.

The suction side pool cleaner attributes to the hoses, which bring pool water out of the pool for the filtration. The suction side pool cleaner pump is able to attach to the skimmer lower the basket. Or we can use skim vac attachment with the vacuum into a skimmer basket.

There are many swimming pools which are having a delicate suction cleaner line for water filtration. If a pool has a direct cleaner attachment to the wall fitting, then this would be nice, but the cleaner attachment is given with the side of a pool.

We have in a range of suction side pool cleaners, Hayward PoolVac, Navigator, Aquabug, Kreepy Krauly, E-Z Vac, Baracuda Ranger, G4, and Polaris 150 and ATV, and some others. There are two types of suction side pool cleaners

1)     The flat, round disk or Pulse type cleaner

2)     The hydro drive train suction side cleaner

The hydro drive suction side pool cleaner is more powerful, noise-free, and work efficient cleaners than the flat suction side pool cleaner for example;  the Hayward Navigator or Polaris ATV. If you are an in-ground swimming pool owner, then this article will help you to choose the right product for your pool.

1. Baracuda G3 W03000 Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner - Top Rated

Baracuda G3 W03OOO advanced suction side automatic pool cleaner is a suction side pool cleaner that is manufactured by barracuda zodiac.

The Baracuda G3 cleaner is a suction that holds versatility. It is able to deliver high performance for pool cleaning. It is capable of low speeding pumps for high power efficiency.

The G3 W03000pool cleaner is a simple side suction pool cleaner that is easy to install and use.

It is specially made for inhaling small and medium-sized waste without clogging. You can clean your pool floor by this pool cleaner within a few minutes. This Barracuda G3 pool cleaner allows you to clean your pool walls and steps along with your pool water.

The durability of this cleaner is admirable because it does not have many intricate parts to install. It has only one part of moving and cleaning. The G3 barracuda is has a circle type part that can provide high reliability for cleaning.

By using this pool cleaner, you can feel more reliable because this product is varying to access. No matters what type of pool surface you have, this pool cleaner can clean vinyl, tile and concrete surfaces in a delightful way. This pool cleaner has a 36 finned disc type part that allows a wide cleaning path.This pool cleaner can move simply. In the corners, on the steps, on the walls, and the floor, the G3 barracuda pool cleaner can show the best and efficient work. It has a wheel deflector that can prevent the whole cleaner from sticking, and make sure it for regular cleaning.





  • This is a Noise-free and durable suction pool cleaner, which works with low speed and can pump for high efficiency.
  • It can absorb small and medium-sized waste, and it is able to clean the pool floor, steps and walls of a deep pool.
  • In this pool cleaner, a flow keeper valve is designed that can instantly regulate the flow of water to keep hygienic cleaning.
  • Its wheel deflector can clean in tight corners and on rough surfaces.
  • There are a few long-life hoses that can resist scuffs on all pool surfaces.
  • Patented and quick water is releasing cassette also given in this pool cleaner.


  • A quick and easy installation pool water cleaner.
  • Can catch all sized debris from the water.
  • Adjustable for walls steps and on the floor.
  • Eco-friendly design is attractive.






  • Could be hung in some tight corners.
  • Not available in all stores.



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2. Pentair 360042 Kreepy Krauly Suction-side Inground Universal Pool Cleaner (Pleated Seal)

Pentair 360042 Kreepy Krauly Suction-side Inground Universal Pool Cleaner (Pleated Seal)The Pentair 360042 kreepy krauly suction side pool cleaner is a suction side pool cleaner by a Pentair. 360042 is its reference number. The total dimension of this pool cleaner is 1 x 1 x 1 inches, and the net weight of this pool cleaner is 1 pound.

The Pentair’s kreepy krauly pool cleaner is a suction side pool cleaner that has modern design which enhances its high structure. It provides an extremist facility than other ordinary suction side pool cleaners. In the market many more cleaners have tried to be matched with this cleaner, but they cannot touch its efficiency.

It has not any steering for moving, but it has a single part that can be replaced. The Pentair’s 360042 is ferocious in its quest for waste and dirt. You will have your pool most clean and sparkling if you will buy this automatic cleaner. In this cleaner, we have not any bag or wheel, but it has one moving part for long-term and low price of ownership.

In detail, we must have to take in mind Its fast speed and durability. Now you are free to paying electricity bills and batteries. This Pentair’s kreepy krauly automatic pool cleaner offers you a super-fast service at a reasonable price at the shortest time for your deep pool. So what are you waiting for? Go and add your name in the list of over three billion trusted customers of kreepy krauly suction side pool cleaner’s family.



  • Diving and floating are formal for this pool cleaner that means now you will have your pool water clean along with your pool floor.
  •  Its automatic valve will control the flow of water to set the right speed for better performance.
  •  For uninhabited cleaning, there is a roller strap and ladder are available.
  •  It has cleaner wings that will help to catch leaves and debris direct from the filtration system.
  •  Unique and extraordinary one moving part is available for long-term service.
  •  It has 42’ of length and 16.5’ of width.


  • Both Manual and automatic.
  • Providing best performance n the shortest timing.
  • Durability is guaranteed.
  • Speedy efficient cleaner at all.






  • Not available globally.
  • Can be broken in case of fall.



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3. XtremepowerUS Automatic Suction Vacuum

S Songjoy Automatic Cleaner Vacuum Suction Inground Swimming Pool, 1809, BlueXtremepowerUS Automatic is another automatic pool cleaner on our list. The company name which made this automatic in-ground swimming pool cleaner is XtremepowerUS.

This automatic pool cleaner works like a vacuum cleaner in pool water. It has water suction power in in-ground swimming pools.

1890 is its reference number, and the color of this pool cleaner is blue. The blue color makes this pool cleaner more impressive in the water.

The S SONGJOY automatic vacuum suction pool cleaner has many specialties, in which we have its extra finned disc piece and its diaphragm firstly.

The finned disc and the diaphragm are given free of cost. There are no more tools and electricity are requiring for this S SONGJOY automatic vacuum pool cleaner. It cleans with 0.5 hrs power, and its lower speed can pump on high efficiency.

The SONGJOY automatic vacuum pool cleaner is made for cleaning medium-sized water pools and can capture medium and small-sized dirt and wastages.It can clean the bottom of a medium-sized swimming pool easily. It can work slightly and circulatory, that means now you will have your pool’s walls shinier. Its full length is 32.8feet, and it can cover 30’ to 33feet total distance for cleaning.





  • The SONGJOY automatic vacuum pool cleaner is perfect for medium and small-sized pools.
  • It can work in all directions and on all types of pool surfaces.
  • It requires only 0.5 hs power for the work.
  • This one is adjustable and recommended for all types of small and medium pool water debris.
  • It has only one part for moving which means there is no worry for gear or wheel jamming.
  • Its diaphragm is changeable.
  • Another diaphragm is also given in its kit.


  • Recommended by many professionals.
  • Blue color gives this pool cleaner an attractive and classy look in the pool water.
  • It can be used for long-term if you will protect it from sunlight.
  • This could be an affordable gift for your friend if you have a pool owner friend.






  • Not recommended for broad and deep pools.
  • Not available globally.



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4. Vingli Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner Suction Side In-ground Vacuum Head Cleaner (Light Blue)

Vingli Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner Suction Side In-ground Vacuum Head Cleaner (Light Blue)Here we have our last listed suction side pool cleaner. The full name of this pool cleaner is VINGLI Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner Suction Side in-Ground Vacuum Head Cleaner (Light Blue).

VINGLI is the most popular hardware Company which launched this automatic and suction side pool cleaner a few years ago. In this pool cleaner, the VINGLI designed a maximum suction power for pool water. The is VINGLI Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner is a time saver suction side pool cleaner. Now you save your time by cleaning and enjoying your pool anyway.

This pool cleaner offers efficient and hygienic pool water cleaning in the shortest time. This pool cleaner will keep your pool clean and will make you happy definitely. You will get bored and stuck by using this pool cleaner because it has not any wheel or gears that could be jam, etc. it is easy to use and simple to set up. The mechanism quality is VINGLI Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner is super and durable. Unlike several automatic in-ground suction side pool cleaners are annoying and time-consuming products.

All its design is eco-friendly and classy. The main and important point of this suction-side inground pool cleaner is that this one is offering one year of authentic warranty. If you buy this product, then you will get a chance of its parts changing. In case of parts broken or damaging also the company will replace your pool cleaner in a limited time. It also offers a free suggestion chance, if you have any questions or doubt the company will give a satisfying answer.

The VINGLI Automatic Swimming suction side Pool Cleaner has ten durable and well-designed hoses (pumps) for water pumping. These hoses are exchangeable and adjustable. You can attach this pool cleaner with an existing water filtration system. For proper cleaning, it requires 4/4 HP swimming pool pump, or we can say that it needs 1600GHP for proper pool cleaning. This one is recommended for its flexible structure and lightweight. If you have a regulator valve, then you will get the best results from this pool cleaner. This inground pool will suck all the dirt and debris from your pool if you use it properly in your swimming pool. You will never see a dead fly or leave in your pool if you buy this revolutionary product.



  • The VINGLI Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner is an adjustable and admirable suction side pool cleaner by VINGLI.
  • It is made for all types and swimming pools.
  • It can be attached to all types of water filtration systems.
  • The company offers you to ask the question directly.
  • ¾ HP is enough for cleaning it means this is very easy to use.
  • Easy to install and carry.
  • The company offers one year part guarantee on this suction side pool cleaner.
  • Ten hoses are given with its kit.


  • Its hoses are changeable.
  • Its quality is durable and attractive.
  • The blue color makes this pool cleaner most beautiful in the water.
  • Very easy to use.






  • It could be broken in case of fall.
  • Sometimes does not catch all waste.



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All the above suction side pool cleaners are the best pool cleaners for a suction-side swimming pool. These pool cleaners are not time-consuming and heavy. If you buy anyone from all of them, then you will be happy anyhow. The main important thing is that these all are available at reasonable prices. If you are in a country in which your favorite pool cleaner is not available at any store, there is no need to worry you can buy your favorite pool cleaner online.