Best Pool Skimmers

Keeping your pool clean consistently especially during the summer months can be a challenge if you don’t have the right tools. Pool skimmers offer a simple and effective way of maintaining your pool. With an automatic pool skimmer, you can spend less time worrying about cleaning your pool and more time actually enjoying it. Finding the best brand of pool skimmers is important if you want to get good value for your money. Additionally, automatic pool skimmers are not all created equal so it’s important to understand how the different types work and what best suits your needs. Consider factors such as power, durability, and ease of installation when choosing a pool skimmer.

Top features to look out for when shopping for a pool skimmer

Lightweight: The weight of the cleaner really does matter. You need a skimmer that’s lightweight and easy to handle. You’ll need to lift it to get inside the pool and remove it when the work is done. If it’s too heavy, you’ll have a hard time doing this by yourself.

A programmable timer: What would make the job super easy is if you can automate the process of running the skimmer. Some pool skimmers come with a programmable timer so you don’t have to start it and switch it off manually each time. You just set it and forget it.

Deflecting features: If you’ve used a pool skimmer before, you probably know that one of the greatest problems is that they can get stuck in corners from time to time. However, some automatic pool skimmers have deflecting features, which ensures they can’t get stuck while moving around in corners or on other obstacles.

A quick and efficient cleaning cycle: Some skimmers have multiple cleaning cycles, which helps to provide different levels of cleaning. You want to ensure that the skimmer can clean the pool well and quickly at the same time.

Durability: A good skimmer should have a warranty so you don’t have to spend on repairs after a few swimming seasons. Look out for a cleaner that’s made using high-quality materials that will last long.

Energy efficiency: Find out how much energy the skimmer uses on a regular cycle. Smaller cleaners consume about 200 watts of power in an hour whereas the larger units can take up more than 1000 watts within the same duration, which means they cost more to operate over time.

Now let’s feature our top 7 favorite pool skimmers to give you an idea of what you should be looking for when shopping for this new maintenance tool.

Best 7 Pool Skimmers on the Market

Solar Breeze NX2 - Best Solar Powered Pool Skimmer

If you’re looking for a pool skimmer that’s efficient, the Solar Breeze NX2 is perfect for any kind of pool. The pool skimmer operates solely using solar power and doesn’t require any charging or batteries. This type can run throughout the night without interfering with the pool’s filter system. It also comes with a chemical dispenser that you can use to place chlorine tabs while skimming.

PoolSkim skimmer- Simple Design with Powerful Features 

This pool skimmer and cleaner comes with a special return jet which helps to trap leaves and debris in a net. This means that it does part of the job for your pool’s filter. By relieving the stress on the filters, it enhances their lifespan. However, watch out for the smaller particles as they could find their way through the net. It’s often recommended for in-ground and above ground pools.

SkimDoctor 2.0 – Easiest Skimmer to Install

If you have an above ground pool, this is a skimmer you should probably consider investing in. For starters, the skimmer is so easy to install. Though it takes a little longer than other skimmers in the market to get rid of the debris in your pool, the unit is so easy to keep clean and maintain. It also comes with an expansive debris basket, which means you can keep it running for a longer time. You can clean the filter without having to put your hands in water. This skimmer is only ideal for in-ground pools.

SkimmerMotion Pool Skimmer -Efficient and Fun to watch 

Another automatic pool skimmer that works pretty well for all kinds of pools is the SkimmerMotion. This particular skimmer must work with a pool vacuum which is what makes it costlier than most of what we have in the market. When turned on, the skimmer creates a whirlpool that pulls in all the debris and drags it around the pool by the vacuum. When you use this skimmer, you won’t need to add chemicals in your pool so frequently.

Dunnrite Hydro - Net Automatic Pool Skimmer

One unique feature of this skimmer is that it’s operated with a remote control. This means you can run the skimmer while up to 100 feet away from the pool. It’s ideal for all sizes of pools from the small ponds to the larger pools. One major drawback is that it’s a battery-powered automatic pool skimmer. The charge can last up to 5 hours.

Polaris 9550 Sport – Perfect for Pools with Tight Corners

This pool skimmer is designed to perfectly clean pool walls and crevices in tight corners. Its water propulsion system can tackle those hard to reach areas and pick up large debris in the pool without losing the suction. It even has a motion-sensing remote that you can use to direct the unit where you want cleaned.

Maytronics Dolphin Premier Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner

Dolphin cleaners are some of the most energy-efficient pool cleaners in the market. This here is designed with commercial grade DC motors allowing you to clean your pool whenever you want without worrying about your energy bill or pump cycles.

Look Forward to Pool-cleaning Day

When you get an ideal unit, pool-cleaning day will be easier than usual especially when you get a robot to clean your pool too. The best pool skimmer is worth the investment given the energy and time-saving that come with it. Remember that after you find the ideal automated pool cleaner for you, the next important step is to maintain it properly.