Best Digital Saltwater Pool Tester

If you own a pool, you should always think about its safety. Safe operations of a pool aren’t limited to installing a pool alarm or fence. It also involves balancing chemicals and pool-cleaners levels. Poor balance of chemicals may affect swimming enthusiasts, causing conditions such as skin allergies.

That said, the best way to ensure proper stability of chemicals and other substances is through testing, and a surefire way of doing this anytime is purchasing the best digital saltwater pool tester.

The wide array of digital saltwater pool testers available on the market may make it challenging to find a good one. Taking a close consideration of the various features can ease your search process. For sure, all pool testers from reliable brands are calibrated.

However, you should ensure that they are calibrated correctly and easy to use for accurate results.

In the guide below, I will review some of the best digital pool testers and compare them against each other. This will make it easy for you to find one that suits your needs. Read on!

Top 4 Digital Saltwater Pool Tester

1. eSeasonGear SALT-3050 Digital Salinity Pool Tester – Best Saltwater Pool Test Kit 

If you own koi ponds and salty water, I would advise that you go for the eSeasonGear SALT-3050 Digital Salinity Pool Tester. This salinity tester s pre-calibrated at 3000PPM, meaning that you can use it immediately it arrives. Probably what made me include this among the best is because it can measure salinity levels between 0 to 5000PPM. As such, any water saltier than this range may not be suitable for this tester. 

I also liked the built-in Automatic Temperature Sensor that works exemplarily. The unit can measure water temperatures automatically without much calibration. The ATC sensor design is waterproof, holds measurements for some time if you want to note it down, and has a temperature range of 32 to 130°F. You can choose to do the readings in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit according to your preference.  

Key Features 

  • Has an accuracy of ±1%
  • Wide testing range 
  • Pre-calibrated at 3000PPM at 25°C/77°F
  • In-built ATC sensor 
  • IP65 waterproof rating 

2. TEKCOPLUS Pen Type Salinity and Temperature Tester – Most Accurate Pool Test Kit 

Another salinity meter that can measure the amount of salt in salty pool water is the TEKCOPLUS Pen Type Salinity and Temperature Tester. An outstanding feature I noted from this meter is that it has been widely used in water quality testing, proving its reliability. 

Upon inspection, I noted that the unit comes with waterproof housing. Though not at its best, the unit is IP rated “dust tight” and can withstand water directed from a nozzle. I found the features of this salt meter very user friendly. For instance, the large display screen makes it easy to take readings. You will also like the auto power-off feature with disable functionality, adjustable automatic temperature compensation, and data hold functionalities. 

The TEKCOPLUS Pen Type Salinity and Temperature Tester also have some unique features, especially that it allows users to select between manual and automatic ranging capability when conducting tests. Like my first product, the eSeasonGear SALT-3050 tester, you can as well alternate between °F and °C measurement units. 

Key Features 

  • Wide salinity range of 0 to 9999PPM 
  • Temperature range of -5 to 60°C
  • Accuracy rate of ±1%
  • Multipoint calibration 
  • User-friendly features 

3. AUTOULET Salinity Refractometer – Best Multipurpose Salt Water Test Kit 

A salinity refractometer with in-built ATC functionality. What I liked from the AUTOULET Salinity Refractometer is the dual scale meter that measures salt levels in pool water, monitors, and controls the concentration of both saltwater and brine. This makes it usable in various environments. You will not only use it in pools but also for marine applications and aquariums. 

With a specific gravity of D 20/20, the unit instantly replaces the difficult to read and poor quality hydrometers. The ATC functionality ranging between 0 to 10°C makes it more accurate compared to conventional hydrometers as well. If you also have an aquarium, you can use it to read the specific gravity and salt concentration of seawater. I also liked that the unit is overly portable, and it doesn’t require a battery. 

Key Features 

  • Has an accuracy of ±0.2%
  • Built-in automatic temperature compensation sensor 
  • Multipurpose applications 
  • Reference temperature of 20°C

4. LaMotte 1749 Salt/Temperature/TDS Tester – Best Affordable Salt Water Pool Test Kit 

The LaMotte 1749 Salt/Temperature/TDS Tester is my best tester of choice for those looking for saltwater pool tester that delivers excellent digital results and priced reasonably. This unit is specially designed for professional pool water testing. Like other high-end digital saltwater testers, all you need to do is deep the tester’s probe into a sample of your pool water for instant results. 

The unit measures salt levels in pool saltwater accurately, thanks to the wide range of 0 to 9,999PPM. It also measures temperatures from 32°F to 149°F. I also liked that it can store up to 25 read results for convenient referencing. 

Key Features 

  • LCD screen display 
  • No much assembly is required 
  • Wide reading salinity range 
  • Good for professional use 

How Can I Test My Pool Water at Home?

It is recommended that you test pool water at least once every week to keep it safe and clean. Initially, I had no idea how I could measure the salt levels of my pool at my convenience. Well, all this changed when I discovered these handy digital pool testers. With the pool testing kit, all you need to do is to collect pool water samples in a bottle or cup. You should then dip the probe of the kit and note the readings on the instrument’s digital display screen. Based on the results, you can adjust the chemical composition of your pool to make it safe for swimming. 

How Accurate are Home Water Test Kits?

Digital saltwater pool testers are only accurate if calibrated correctly. This means that you find the best water test kits from reliable brands. Fortunately, most digital saltwater pool testers give precise arguably readings, especially for sodium chloride. However, since man-made equipment cannot be 100% accurate, I suggest that you allow a flexible accuracy rate of ±1%. 

The Bottom Line

Before selecting the best digital saltwater tester, it is good to have many options to compare and contrast the key features of individual testers. The review above outlines some intriguing features of the best pool water testers you should know before making a purchase decision. Investing in the right unit enables you to evaluate the salt level and maintain your pool correctly.