Hayward Poolvergnuegen Reviews

The Poolvergnuegen Suction PoolCleaner™ is the newest two-wheel suction cleaner made by Hayward. Specializing in picking up a wide array of different waste materials, it can clean any size pool up to 16’ by 32’ large. This Hayward robotic pool cleaner can help reduce the cleaning time of your pool and requires very little maintenance.

Its innovative tires allow the Poolvergnuegen to easily climb the walls of the pool and navigate around obstacles. A complete cleaning is not an issue with this machine with the help of its programmable steering system.

A new, innovative mobility design and programmable steering system allow the Poolvergnuegen to easily climb the pool walls and navigate around obstacles. Adaptable to many different size areas, these features allow a complete cleaning of almost any size pool. All of this is packed into a vacuum requiring very little upkeep at an affordable price.

Key Features of the Poolvergnuegen

Hayward W3PVS40GST Poolvergnuegen Pool Cleaner (Automatic Pool Cleaner), Gray
Hayward W3PVS40GST Poolvergnuegen Pool Cleaner (Automatic Pool Cleaner), Gray

Hayward Poolvergnuegen

  • Automatic Turbine Suction CleanerCleans pool floor, walls, and coves
  • Cleans walls, waterlines, and floors.
    Two-wheel driveCan clean pool surfaces made from gunite, vinyl, fiberglass, pebble, and tile
  • Covers up to a 16’ x 32’ pool area
  • Hose length of 33’
  • Runs at 0.5 horsepower
  • Suction Pool Cleaner

What to Expect from the Hayward Poolvergnuegen Suction Pool Cleaner?

Flexible Turbines

Hayward’s PoolCleaner™ by Poolvergnuegen is packed full of exclusive features such as self-adjusting turbine vanes, which allow maximum power at virtually any flow and effortless debris management. This patented technology allows easy passage of large debris while the vacuum moves, giving the owner peace-of-mind, knowing that nothing gets left behind.

Pre-programmed Steering System

The Poolvergnuegen also comes pre-programmed with internal steering sequences. Traveling 8-10 feet before this sequence will periodically cause the left wheel to reverse, the PoolCleaner™ will then turn between 90-450 degrees and move in another direction. Intended for most average-sized pools, these exclusive steering sequences dictate complete pool coverage and ensure efficient pool cleaning.

Durable Tire Treads

Yet another feature that is exclusive to Poolvergnuegen PoolCleaner™ models are the patented tire treads. Strong, heavy-duty treads give the PoolCleaner™ enhanced maneuverability, especially around main drains, and a climbing ability that is second to none. They’re also extremely durable, lasting multiple years before needing replacement, helping make PoolCleaner™ the ideal vacuum for all pool shapes and sizes.

Replaceable Throats

The Poolvergnuegen PoolCleaner™ also comes with 3 interchangeable throats, which allow optimization of suction performance. The default throat is medium, which is used for almost all average pool filtration installations. The small throat gives better suction at a lower flow rate or with smaller pumps, while the large throat optimizes suction at a higher flow rate or with larger pumps. These customizable throat options thereby make the PoolCleaner™ the ideal suction cleaner for use with variable speed pumps; no matter what speed the pump is set to, the PoolCleaner™ has a throat option that will optimize flow.

Quiet Cleaning

Whether it’s the afternoon and your neighbors are outside enjoying the yard or the middle of the night and everyone is sleeping soundly, you’ll have the confidence to clean your pool with the Hayward Poolvergnuegen’s quiet operation. Despite its powerful suction, this lack of unnecessary noise means you can have your pool ready for fun first thing in the morning after a full night cleaning. This means the Poolvergnuegen not only optimizes cleaning the pool, it optimizes your free time as well.

Positive User Feedback

Many positive comments have come in about the Poolvergnuegen. Some of these are:

•Ease of Use. People who purchased the PoolCleaner™ all reported that it’s the easiest suction pool cleaner they’ve ever used, being very simple to operate.

•Energy Required. A common problem of other suction pool cleaners is that they require high energy to operate at peak performance. The PoolCleaner™ and its customizable throat system requires minimum energy to operate at peak performance, thereby saving customers money on energy costs.|

•Quiet Cleaning. People who purchased the PoolCleaner™ praised its quiet operation, especially at night.

•Bang For Your Buck. Buyers all claimed that the PoolCleaner by Poolvergnuegen is easily the best suction pool cleaner they’ve ever owned, outperforming much higher-priced pool cleaners.

Negative User Feedback

Some of the negative feedback:

•Some users reported that the suction pool cleaner didn’t move, even though the power light was on.|

•One buyer stated that the unit stopped moving when it reached the center of the pool, claiming that the wheels got jammed, even though there was nothing stuck in them. He states that he had to manually turn the wheels and repeat this process throughout the entire cleaning cycle.

•A few people reported that the tire treads did not help the Poolvergnuegen in climbing up the walls, claiming that the PoolCleaner™ would not go back up once it reached the deepest part of the pool, despite the pre-programmed steering system.

•One user claimed that some of the smaller debris just passed through and was not picked up by the PoolCleaner™.

Hayward PV896584000020 Poolvergnuegen 896584000-020 The Pool Cleaner Automatic Suctio, 4x, White
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Hayward PV896584000020 Poolvergnuegen 896584000-020 The Pool Cleaner Automatic Suctio, 4x, White
  • EFFORTLESS DEBRIS MANAGEMENT: The patented self-adjusting turbine vanes eliminates clogs and ensures maximum power at virtually any flow. Their ability to move allows easy passage of large debris to ensure full cleaning with peace of mind
  • COMPLETE POOL OVERAGE: The PoolCleaner has multiple pre-programmed internal steering sequences, which cause the left wheel to periodically reverse, allowing The PoolCleaner to turn and then move into another direction. This feature ensures full pool coverage and efficient cleaning
  • ROBUST TIRE TREADS: The patented tire treads give The PoolCleaner enhanced climbing ability and obstacle maneuverability – especially with main drains. This makes The PoolCleaner ideal for all pool surfaces and shapes
  • MAINTAINS CONSTANT SUCTION: Patented adjustable roller skirts allows the cleaner to maintain optimal suction on uneven surfaces and when encountering obstacles
  • OPTIMAL SUCTION AT VARIOUS FLOWS: Three easily interchangeable throats improve debris passage and suction performance, making it ideal for use with variable-speed pool pumps

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