Hayward PHS41CST AquaNaut Reviews

Hayward PHS41CST AquaNaut Suction Pool Vacuum (Automatic Pool Cleaner)Hayward is a well-known American company that manufactures aqua products such as pool cleaners. This company has been working for the last 80 years. It makes a lot of machines for multiple water purposes. Hayward supplies its products in few countries, whether most of its products sellout by online shopping.

Many authorized sites are selling Hayward products. In actual, the goal of this company is to make happy and happy a customer. It also offers warranties on fewer products. All its products are available at different prices. Some are costly while some are reasonable. Now it’s all up to you that what type of product you want. For online shopping, a customer has to pay shipping fees also.

In this article, we have to bring an automatic pool cleaner by Hayward Company. You will have all its practical features. Also, you will have a few advantages and disadvantages in the form of pros and cons. In the last, a useful and helpful conclusion is waiting for you. Let’s take a look on our today’s product.


Here we have our demanded product for many pool owners. The name of this pool cleaning machine is Hayward PHS41CST aquanaut suction pool vacuum (automatic pool cleaner). By its name, we can easily conceptualize that this pool cleaner is automatic. After the name, we just have to know that this pool cleaner is available into two different sizes with different powers 200/400, but here we are going to know about the product of Hayward with 200 styles and model.

The model number of this pool cleaning machine is PHS41CST, and the ASIN number of this machine is B00SKLE3OK. It comes with a weight of 16 pounds, and the total dimension of this machine is 11 x 9 x 8.5 inches. The Hayward PHS41CST aquanaut pool cleaner is designed in two bright colors blue and white.

The Hayward PHS41CST aquanaut is an electronic automatic suction side (vacuum) pool cleaner. This pool cleaning machine can clean your pool water, and pool surfaces appropriately. It also can clean you your pool walls and pool drainage without clogging. The Hayward PHS41CST aquanaut can make your pool water clean and sparkling. This pool cleaning machine has a wide range of its users. Some are pool owners, and rests are professionals. If you have a swimming pool and you are tired to clean your pool, then this machine will surprise you.

Hayward made this revolutionary product especially for capturing all type dirt and waste from a pool, because mostly pool are have parks surrounded, and due to these parks leaves and dirt may make a pool dirty. All types of debris and dirt can also block a pool drain. For all types of pool problems, this machine is perfect. It’s time to check the specific key features of Hayward PHS41CST aquanaut pool cleaner.


The Hayward PHS41CST aquanaut pool cleaning machine is a lightweight pool cleaner machine. It will never make you tired if you use this machine for a long time. This machine is specially made for proper pool cleaning. If you have a pool with the surface of vinyl, then this pool cleaner will give you the best performance, because this pool cleaning machine is able to clean vinyl thoroughly. Somehow, it also can clean some other types of pool surfaces, such as Concrete, Gunite, Vinyl, Fiberglass, Tile, and Pebble.

It has V-flex technology for providing high power at any water flow. This one is able to control any type of waste without blockage. This feature makes this machine more cool and special for many users. It has a patented adjustable roller skirt that is designed for maintaining regular suction on unwanted or rough pool surfaces and obstacles.

The Hayward PHS41CST aquanaut pool cleaner machine has versatile pre-programmed steering sequences that will make sure you complete your operation in any direction. Now you can easily concentrate on your pool cover with the pre-programmed steering system. The variable-speed pumps are waiting for you, in this pool cleaner we have multiple speedy pumps that make ideal for pool cleaning.

The Hayward PHS41CST aquanaut pool cleaner machine is simple to you connect and easy to use. We carry this pool cleaner machine as per our ease because this machine is simple and light-weighted.

This is very possible that you can clean your swimming pool by missing an inch of the dirty floor. This machine will give you a fantastic experience in pool cleaning. It can also clean both deep and shallow ends respectively. The Hayward PHS41CST aquanaut pool cleaner machine has a durable mechanism.

You will never find any fault if you use this machine carefully. This one will give you enjoyment without one minute of tiredness, it’s just because Hayward center is especially famous for best manufacturers. It also provides two years of warranty on its purchase.

  • It can handle larger debris without clogging in a pool.
  • The tires are robust and are able to run on any type of pool surface.
  • The Hayward PHS41CST aquanaut pool cleaner machine can maintain constant suction.
  • This pool cleaning machine is most wanted in many countries because it has optimal suction power at the flow of pool water.
  • Hayward PHS41CST aquanaut pool cleaner machine is simple to you connect and easy to use.
  • We carry this pool cleaner machine as per our ease because this machine is simple and light-weighted.
  • This product has two years of warranty by Hayward, in case of damage we can claim and get the new one product from the seller.
  • We have a risk of fall and damage due to its lightweight.
  • It is a notable clean broad pool.
  • This machine is not for all, because this one is quite expensive.
  • You may face some shipping problems by the company.
  • This machine is not available globally.

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