Mx6 Zodiac Composite Review

Are you interested in getting the low-down on the Zodiac MX6?  Here's the details, just the facts we've gathered from experts and around the web so you can make an informed decision.  

Summary: Zodiac MX6

  • Works with concrete, tile, vinyl, and fiber glass pools.
  • Exclusive low-flow design and cyclonic suction
  • Perfect for small to medium-sized pools

The Zodiac MX6 pool cleaner is a high-efficiency robotic pool cleaner using vacuum technology and programmed navigation and it is ideal for smaller pools. 

Key Features of the Mx6

  • Cyclonic Suction — powerful suction and wall climbing
  • X-Drive Navigation — bi-directional navigation 
  • Optimized Flow Control — automatically controls excess flow through cleaner for optimal performance
  • Low-Flow Energy Efficient Design — variable speed, and two-speedW pumps and solar
  • Flex Power Turbine — articulating turbine blades
  • Easy-Grip Handle — easy removal and transport
  • Quick Connect — quick secure attachment
  • Twist Locking Hose — simple connection and reduces vacuum loss

Zodiac MX6 vs Zodiac MX8 Comparison

Best for Small - Medium Pools

Zodiac MX6

MX6 uses a single cyclone to generate its power.  That's really the only difference between the two that's worth noting.

Ideal for Large Pools

Zodiac MX8

The MX8 uses dual cyclonic technology which gives it more power and ideal for larger pools and large debris.

Why You Should Get an MX6

  1. 1
    Energy efficient while maintaining strong vacuum power
  2. 2
    Operates with most existing pumps.
  3. 3
    Amazing wall-climbing capability. 

Final Thoughts

Look around the web, there aren't many bad reviews on the Zodiac MX6, that's about as good of a sign as you could look for.   

image of zodiac mx6 review score

Over 1,000 reviews and a near perfect rating.

The one concern that some people point out is that fact that Zodiac customer service is not very good. 

Overall, this product is a good buy especially if you have a small to medium pool at home and wanting to maintain the cleanliness of your pool. You still have to remove the floating leaves but the ones that are sticking on the wall and on the bottom of the pool, the MX6 has got your back. 

Zodiac MX6 Reviews from Around the Web

Video Summary: 

  • Walking style hoses hoses and a lead hose (10 one meter hose, 33 ft. Of hose)
  • Smaller than a MX8 and has a similar design 
  • GEARED CLEANER — one side will stop and it will spin its way out of a corner .
  • It has an enhanced FLOW REGULATOR — prevent the cleaner from moving too fast to not the damage the internal gears
  • It can climb the walls very well
  • No problem when dealing with rocks, acorns, leaves
  • It doesn’t run well on low-speed

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