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What are the Types of Pool Cleaner?

April 5, 2021

Sometimes a pool filter is not enough to maintain your pool water’s cleanliness. Especially if the filtered debris is too large or if the debris is stuck on the pool’s wall or floor. Pool cleaners or pool vacuums are the solutions to this problem. 

Several types of pool cleaners or vacuums are available in the market. This article will tell you about the main types of pool cleaners and their pros and cons. So these are the main types of pool cleaners;

Manual pool cleaners are the most basic type of pool cleaners. Most of these cleaners like; brushes, skimmers, scrub brushes, and handheld vacuums are attached to a telescoping pole to reach the bottom and the pool's sides. This combination of attachment and pole allows you to scrape off any algae and dirt buildup on your pool’s wall and floor. This can be exhausting and time-consuming since you will do the scraping/cleaning manually, but this method is the cheapest way to clean your pool.

Suction-Side Vacuums

Suction-side vacuums are similar with handheld vacuums but the suction-side vacuums are attached to the suction side of your pool’s filter pump. The debris is discarded in the pool filter, which results in added load to your pool’s filtration system, and sometimes it doesn’t clean very well. If you have a limited budget for a pool cleaner and don’t want to do the cleaning manually, this pool cleaner would be enough for a small pool.

Pressure-Side Vacuums

This type of pool cleaner is almost the same as the suction-side vacuum. Both use the pressure of the side filter pump. The difference is that a pressure-side vacuum doesn’t deposit the debris in your pool filter; instead, a self-contained bag stores the filtered debris. Pressure-side vacuums are great at cleaning the pool’s floor and picking up larger debris than suction-side cleaners. But pressure-side cleaners are more expensive than suction-side cleaners because they require a booster pump in addition to your filtrations system to increase the water circulation for it to work correctly. So if you have a higher budget, this would be an excellent option to maintain your pool.

Robotic Vacuums

Lastly, if you have the luxury of choosing the most efficient and convenient option for a pool cleaner, then a robotic vacuum would be the best choice for you. Robotic vacuums are self-contained units that don't use your filtration system as a pump. They also may contain high-tech software that allows them to map your pool while cleaning the entire surface, and some can even climb the walls of your pool to clean it!.

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