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Top 7 Tips on How to Properly Maintain a Pool

September 30, 2021

Maintaining a pool is an essential skill that notably keeps your pool looking spic and span and protects your family or, more importantly, your customers if you run a commercial swimming pool.

Sadly, it is also a skill that many are not currently utilizing.

Maintaining a pool, commercial, or otherwise is essential even during these tough commercial times. I have personally witnessed many commercial pools still being advertised where the owners have not even bothered with simple chlorination.

This has been so bad in instances that pools have more resembled ponds. If you let your pool become stagnant, you set put swimmers at serious risk.

How to Properly Maintain a Pool - 7 Simple Rules 

Here are our seven top tips on how to openly maintain a pool. Of course, other more obvious things need to be done, and of course experts, such as ourselves, are always available to help!

1. Chlorinate Your Pool

We will start with the obvious and keep it brief. No matter what your financial situation, do not scrimp on chlorination. If you cant, afford to keep a good pool - then simply close your pool.

2. Pool maintenance - Skim off Leaves and Debris.

A favorite daily job for most pool owners - and yes, this should be done daily. This can be done with nets or rakes and is the first job of the day. Skimming your pool not only keeps it looking nice but avoids stuff sinking to the floor or clocking up your system.

3. Brush the Sediments From the Pool!

They are similarly linked to skimming the pool. Basically, algae and small bits of debris can cling to the walls of your swimming pool, as well as the fixtures, if any. Brush the walls and fixtures and remove these.

Once this is done, you need to vacuum your pool, ideally done with an automatic pool vacuum.

4. Clean Your Skimmer

This job should maybe go before the last two, but this is weekly rather than daily. Cleaning the skimmer means that it will be more effective in removing the debris; essentially, it is about making your job easier in painting a clean pool.

5. Keep Your Pump Running

Ideally, this is another job that should be done daily. Run your pump long enough to ensure water is adequately filtered and each item in the circulation system is clean and thus in good condition.

6. Test Pool Water and Add Chemicals

Chemicals are about more than chlorinating. Pools should be tested, from daily, every few days, to weekly, depending on how often you use your pool. It is equally as important not to put too many chemicals in your pool, hence the need for testing.

Various chemicals include disinfectants and sanitizers that control the growth of algae and harmful bacteria that can form in your swimming pool.

7. How to Maintain a Pool: Conclusion - Routine is the Key!

These are are our very simple tips on how to maintain your swimming pool, of course, there is a little more to it, which you can explore on our site.

These top tips may look labor-intensive, but in reality, looking after your swimming pool properly requires you to get into a routine, much of it daily, like brushing your teeth! And, of course, the benefits far outweigh the downsides. I mean, who wants to swim in a pond?

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