Pentair 360228 Kreepy Krauly Racer Reviews

For more than four decades, Pentair has remained a leading manufacturer of reputable pool cleaning equipment. Among the sequels of its high-quality cleaners is the Pentair 360228 Pool Cleaner, which makes your pool cleaning game affordable. What I liked from this pool cleaner is that it comes with a wide range of new features that makes the seemingly challenging pool cleaning exercise a lot easier.

Like many pool owners, I understand how tiring it is to clean a pool effectively. Well, what struck me from the Pentair 360228 Pool Cleaner is its cleaning power. The unit’s vacuum power is 40% larger than other devices of the same type available on the market. If this isn’t a bargain for you, I don’t understand what else you could be looking for in a pool cleaner. Well, below is my review of this excellent pool cleaner. 

Features of the Pentair 360228 Pool Cleaner

Pentair 360228 Kreepy Krauly Racer Pressure-Side Inground Pool Cleaner

Pentair Model: 360228

What distinguishes pressure-side cleaners like the Pentair 360228 Pool Cleaner from robotic cleaners is that they don't have an electric motor.

  • Pressure-side cleaner
  • Pool Type: In-ground pool
  • Weight: 22 pounds

Quad-Jet Technology

What distinguishes pressure-side cleaners like the Pentair 360228 Pool Cleaner from robotic cleaners is that they lack an electric motor. Instead, these cleaners rely on pressure, and water flow from the booster pumps to operate. The unit has a racer that takes in water and sends them through four separate jet-like outlets, which provides an additional boost for quicker maneuverability when cleaning.

The working functionality of this quad-jet technology is undoubtedly impressive. Initially, I could think of it as a robotic cleaner. With the four jets working together, the cleaner can scale walls and transition from the wall to staircases seamlessly without toppling over. For sure, not all pressure and robotic cleaners can boast of the same.

Four Front Drive Wheels

I noticed immediately that the Pentair 360228 Pool Cleaner is the two oversized front wheels and two small rear wheels. Compared to the three-wheeled models I have used before, the four wheels provide better movements in the pools. They are also appropriately balanced to keep the suction throat steady during the cleaning cycle for better cleaning performance.

The front wheels feature steady-grip traction coating, which enhances the cleaners’ wall-scaling ability. Besides, such tires provide for a better movement on all pool surface types, be it vinyl, gunite, or concrete.

Front Brushroll

Right at the front of the Pentair 360228 Pool Cleaner is a front-spinning Brushroll that powerfully removes stubborn dirt, algae, and debris piles in the pool’s lining. Once scrapped from the surface, the cleaner’s suction power evacuates them with ease. The Brushroll suits all pool surfaces. However, I liked its performance on concrete.

I came across some unsubstantiated claims that the brush scratches vinyl pool surfaces. What I liked is that it can remove large dirt patches and accumulated algae.

Wide Throat

Another notable feature from the Pentair 360228 Pool Cleaner is its excessively wide throat. From my basic comparison with other cleaners from Pentair, the Pentair 360228 Pool Cleaner’s throat is wider. This probably explains why it left no twigs, acorns, leaves, and other large debris from my pool. All the pool contaminants were evacuated into the unit’s oversized collection bag after one cleaning session.

Night Cruize LEDs

The night cruize lights are another one-of-a-kind feature from the Pentair 360228 Pool Cleaner. The lights add to the ambiance and reflect the bottom of the pool, making it easier to inspect the cleaning process during nighttime. While this isn’t a deal-breaker when looking for a pool cleaner, it is a fanciful feature to consider. You shouldn’t be bothered if they don’t work, as they don’t affect the cleaning performance or underwater maneuverability of the unit.

Internal turbines power the LEDs thus eliminates reliance on batteries. As such, they automatically turn on when the unit starts cleaning. Admittedly, watching this cleaner work at nighttime is such a cool scene.

Sweep Tail

Apart from the wide throat and powerful suction, the sweep tail is yet another incredible feature that I liked from the Pentair 360228 Pool Cleaner. The rear side of the cleaner has a sweep tail, which, as the name suggests, does great at sweeping. This helps in loosening debris from the pool surface and crevices that the cleaner can’t reach.

How to Use the Pentair 360228 Pool Cleaner

Like other Pentair pool cleaners, the Pentair 360228 Pool Cleaner comes with helpful and easy to understand instructions. Before lowering it into the pool, some minimal assembly is required. This took me between 20 to 30 minutes, including reading the manual.

Basically, the process includes cutting the feed hose to fit the pool size, installing wall fitting adapter, flow gauge and valve, adjusting flow pressure, connecting the feed hose to the cleaner, and fitting the debris bag. I found this entire process easy and straightforward.

What Others Say About the Pentair 360228 Pool Cleaner 

To begin, I was pleased with the cleaning effectiveness of this unit. My thoughts resonate with a significant number of customers who have used this unit, as well. Most users were impressed by the power it demonstrates and how the pool got clean in a few hours. For many, what used to take several hours could be completed in several hours.

 Most people were also impressed by the addition of the cleaning brush to the cleaner. It enables the unit to scrub all the debris faster and easier. That aside, only a few made comments about the cleaner’s ineffectiveness with small piles of dirt. For them, the cleaner worked well with large piles and left some spots on thin piles.


  • Powerful pool cleaner
  • Brush allows the cleaner to scrub all debris
  • Doesn’t need much supervision
  • Beautiful and aesthetically pleasing design
  • Incredible LED lights for better cleaning at night


  • The sweep tail can make the cleaner unstable
  • Lackluster ability to remove small dirt piles

The Bottom Line

 Without a doubt, the Pentair 360228 Pool Cleaner is an excellent pool cleaner with tremendous cleaning power and convenience. Initially, I had doubts about investing
Pentair 360228 Kreepy Krauly Racer Pressure-Side Inground Pool Cleaner
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Pentair 360228 Kreepy Krauly Racer Pressure-Side Inground Pool Cleaner
  • Up To 30% Faster Cleaning Than Other Pressure-Side Cleaners For Maximum Efficiency
  • Front Rotating Brush Scrubs And Scours For A Deep And Detailed Clean
  • Large Intake Captures Debris Of All Sizes
  • Nearly 1/3 More Cleaning Power For Maximum Debris Removal
  • Ultra-Bright LED Lights Illuminate And Enhance Nighttime Cleaning

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