Pentair 360042 Kreepy Krauly Reviews

Pentair 360042 Kreepy Krauly Suction-Side Inground Universal Pool Cleaner (Pleated Seal)If you want to make your pool floor neat and clean along with sparkling water, then you have to choose smartly. Today the electronic world is being more competitive due to there are huge numbers of pool cleaners are available for users. In the market, you may have cheap rated, and heavy weighted products for pool cleaning operation but the most favorite and admire one product one will the lightweight and quite expensive. In the super-luxury hotels and resorts, many people want to swim before their meal due to hotel management have to clean swimming pools on instant bases.

For all types of these requirements, we have our best and reliable company ever Pentair pool cleaner company. This company is an American company which is servicing for last few decades. In the field of manufacturing pool cleaning machines, this company makes its own place. Most of their products are eligible to work for heavy duties and can clean all types of obstacle surfaces.

This company has very talented team workers who are design pool cleaning machines by taking all of the requirements of a customer. This company is also servicing online on fewer authentic platforms. For online shopping, we have to pay shipping fees. From a number of its smart cleaners here we are going to describe one of its production, take a look;


The product which we are going to share here is an amazing pool cleaning machine. The machine, which offers unbeatable pool cleaning within a couple of hours is none other than Pentair 360042 Kreepy Krauly Suction-Side Inground Universal Pool Cleaner (Pleated Seal). Always pool cleaning operation is being troubled for many professionals but here Pentair solved our problem and launched an extra incredible product all type of in-ground pools. The name of this pool cleaner is quite long so I will call this machine as Pentair 360042 kreepy krauly suction-side pool cleaner all the time in this article.

Pentair pool cleaning company made this cleaner some time ago, and now this machine is counted in well-known pool cleaners all over the world. In the United Kingdom countries and American countries, this cleaner is a popular pool cleaner. This cleaner has an attractive look, and this attractive look is just because of the two shocking colors blue and black.

This Pentair 360042 kreepy krauly suction-side pool cleaner is very easy to use and simple to place. You can easily maintain your pool by this cleaner. When you adjust this cleaner in your pool cleaning our housekeeping kit, then you will satisfy anyway. The reference number which the company gave this cleaner is 360042, and the ASIN reference is B00IEP9126.

These numbers are the source of identification in the local market because there is a wide range of duplicate products. This machine is light weighted, it comes with the weight of one pound, and the total dimension of this cleaner is 1 X 1 X 1 inch. After this brief introduction are excited to know some technical features of this cleaner? If yes let us have looked below.


This cleaner is an admirable product all the time. It can easily dive and float by its lightweight and dedicated design. The dive and floating system of this cleaner are direct you can use this cleaner is your entire pool without any specific guidelines. There is an automatic valve available which can easily maintain water low to set the right travel speed for proper pool cleaning.

The roller straps are the special key feature of this cleaner which makes this cleaner able to clean step. The ladders of this Pentair 360042 kreepy krauly suction-side pool cleaner are especially given for uninhibited cleaning.

For channel leaves, we have cleaning wings which can capture all type of leaves from your pool. The dirt and debris will never make you annoying further because we have a formidable choice in the form of its direct filtration system. This cleaner is made for wider and depth pools; you can clean up more extensive walls also through this cleaner and can complete your pool coverage.

The moving part of this cleaner is absolutely original and appropriate. You can move this cleaner with ease with a single disc. There are no extra wheels and gears for replacement. The ideal pool length or this cleaner is 42L X 16.5W X.5H.

No problem what type of pool surface you have this cleaner makes you satisfy and will provide you an efficient pool cleaning in any weather. If you tired and not able to work more than your kid can clean your pool with this cleaner because our Pentair 360042 kreepy krauly suction-side pool cleaner is made of all ager. In the market may you have faced all other ordinary products and got a bad experience, but when you buy our selected pool cleaner by Pentair, then you will agree automatically that this cleaner is offering maximum efficiency.

Well, now it’s time to know something new about this Pentair 360042 kreepy krauly suction-side pool cleaner in the form of pros and cons let us take a look below.

  • Pentair 360042 kreepy krauly suction-side pool cleaner is one the high ranked products of Pentair pool cleaner company.
  • Many people are using this cleaner for last few years and are getting satisfactory results.
  • This cleaner is made for universal use; you can clean your bathtub or a water tank also.
  • It could be the best gift if your most favorite person has a swimming pool or have a pool cleaning job.
  • This Pentair 360042 kreepy krauly suction-side pool cleaner is not offering warranty and durability.
  • This one is not available globally.
  • There is a high risk of damage in case of fall, due to its lightweight.
  • This pool cleaner is not made of broader and deeper pools.
  • Many professionals avoid this cleaner for their heavy-duty use.

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