4 Methods On How to Track Pool Water Quality

There are several ways to track your pool's water quality. It ranges from pool chemical monitoring systems for industrial pools to DIY test kits that you can use at your home. Considering which is the best method for you depends on your needs as a pool owner. In this article, we will tell you four different ways on how to track pool water quality.

Utilizing pool test kits is the most simple yet effective way for tracking and adjusting pool water chemistry. You can even do it yourself at your own home! Since most of these pool test kits are based on color changes to indicate your pool water chemistry. Some may include test strips that you can directly dip into your pool. However, some may include droppers for chemical indicators with vials that you can use for testing and mixing your pool water with these colored reagents like in liquid testing kits. It may be simple and cheap, but it is more labor-intensive than other pool water tracking methods.

2. Using Portable Meters or Digital Pool Testers

Do you have a higher budget, yet you still want to do things manually? Then portable meters or digital pool testers are right up your alley. This option provides you with flexibility depending on your pool's specific needs, (eg. digital pool testers for saltwater pools, chlorine pools, fiberglass pools, etc.) not to mention you can do it whenever you want to!
There are several portable meters and digital pool testers in the market, but two are most commonly used, pH and ORP meter. Like the others, both of these meters will give you the advantage of getting more precise results with less time than pool test kits. These meters and testers commonly accept a BNC connector that allows sensors from different manufacturers to be utilized by one tester. This feature is pretty convenient since you can keep your meter/tester for several years, but sensors are required to be replaced every year to maintain precise results.

3. Through Smart Pool Monitoring Wireless Devices

If you want to do things automatically, but you own a smaller size pool, Smart Pool Monitoring Wireless Devices will be a good choice. Nowadays, some companies offer these types of devices that use the same water quality sensors like portable meters and combine them with wireless technology to monitor your pool water quality more conveniently. These monitoring devices can be connected to your smartphones to get alerts when you need to adjust your pool water chemistry. And for added convenience, some companies provide pre-measured chemicals that can be shipped to your own home.

4. Through Automatic Pool Chemical Monitoring Systems

If you want to monitor your pool water quality automatically but for a larger pool, the best choice would be an automatic pool chemical monitoring system. These monitoring systems already include sensors and chemical controllers for automatic adjustment of chemicals (eg. chlorine, pH, etc.). With the help of a chemical controller, it automatically monitors and adjusts the optimal amount of chemicals for your pool, removing the need for constant manual testing and maintenance, offering a more convenient operation for your pool water quality tracking.