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How to Maintain a Pool for a Week

July 22, 2020

While getting a swimming pool is one of life’s big goals, the reality of one isn’t like you see in the movies. There is all sort of cleaning and maintenance that needs to be done regularly to keep it in usable condition.

We’ve put together a list of some tips that you can take advantage of to help you know how to maintain a pool for a week. Think of it as your weekly checklist for maintenance of your pool.

Get Rid of Debris

Over the course of the week, debris and dead leaves are going to be falling in and around your pool. Skimming this mess off should be something that you’re spending five minutes doing daily unless you want a mountain of work come Sunday.

You can get long pool skimmers designed specifically for getting dirt and insects out of your pool before it sinks to the bottom, at which point you’re going to be left with stains. Therefore, you should consider investing in one.

Brush Your Pool Walls

Over the course of the week, sediment is going to build up on your pool wall. Algae and other bits of small debris can catch on ladders and slides. If you leave this dirt sitting there, algae is going to be encouraged to spread.

Once per week, get yourself a hard bristle brush and brush away any bits of dirt that you see along the walls and edges of your pool.

Vacuum After Cleaning

Once you have skimmed your pool for leaves and brushed down the walls and ladders for dirt and algae, you’re going to want to vacuum your pool.

You have the option of using an automatic vacuum or a manual one. While both are acceptable, you’re going to save yourself a lot of trouble by choosing the automatic vacuum.

For automatics, you have the choice of robotic, pressure vacuums, and suction vacuums. Robotic vacuums are the simplest to use; all you have to do is put it in the water and let it go to work.

Pressure vacuums require a pool pump and an extra booster pump, making them a hassle to set up.

Suction vacuums are the most affordable and stick to your suction port or dedicated skimmer.

Clean Your Skimmer

You’re also going to want to be doing a weekly clean of your pools built in skimmer. Your skimmer or skimmers, are your pool's first line of defense against fallen debris, meaning that lots of leaves and twigs are going to end up caught in them.

By doing a weekly clean, you’re going to allow your pool's skimmer to function at the highest level that it can. This keeps your overall pool cleaner, free from dirt, and more enjoyable to float in.

Run Your Pump Each Day

When your pump is running, water is going to be going through your pool filtration system. The various components of this system are designed to help the chemical cleaners in the water work at maximum efficiency. Therefore, let your pumps run a cycle for some time every day, even if you’re not going to be using the pool.


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