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Background to Chlorine Pools from Pool Experts

September 28, 2021

Most people will have a choline pool, although, of course, not exclusively. If you do, though, decide to have a chlorine pool, why do you chlorinate, how often should you do it, and what chlorine should you use?

Chlorine pool - Why Use Chlorine?

Chlorine is added to swimming pools for s number of reasons, but the main ones are that would you want to go swimming in a giant bowl filled with harmful germs? Yep, we assumed that you might not fancy that. 

Swimming in unsanitized water can give you diarrhea, athlete foot, and various skin infections, even for a short time. Think of it a bit like this; the sea is safe because the water is constantly changing, like rivers or lakes. Now think of s stagnant pond, great for frogs and mosquitos, less so for swimming. Chlorine keeps your pool more like a fine lake than a stagnant pond. 

This is ever-present when you see a poorly marinated pool; it truly does not take animals long to realize there is some water to make a habitat in. Keep this in mind when booking hotels during Covid. Many may advertise pool is open, but that does not necessarily mean clean. 

How Does a Chlorine Pool Protect You?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that chlorine is added to water to kill germs. Chlorine acts as the first line of defense against things that will make swimmers sick without making the swimmer sick. When used correctly, Chlorine does not make swimmers sick, although it can cause sore eyes if overused.

There are alternatives to chlorine, but scientists from many jurisdictions have stated that as things stand, nothing beats chlorine when it comes to the disinfection of swimming pools. 

What is Chlorine?

While chlorine pools are often painted as chemical pools, in fact, chlorine is a naturally occurring chemical. It is produced by passing an electric current through brine - brine being salty water, and the process is called electrolysis, and voila, you have chlorine.

For chlorine pools, the chlorine, when added at the correct levels regarding PH, forms an acid called hypochlorous acid that kills numerous bacteria such as salmonella and E. coli and germs that cause other nasty things.

Chlorine pools - How To Chlorinate?

Many chlorine-based compounds are on the market, such as chlorine gas, sodium hypochlorite (liquid bleach), calcium hypochlorite, and lithium hypochlorite chlorinated isocyanurates. When these compounds touch the water, they release hypochlorous acid (HOCl), then an agent that keeps your choline pool safe, clean, and sanitized!

Are Saltwater Pools Chlorine Pools?

As stated, chlorine is not the only agent for swimming pools and especially if you are close to the sea, saltwater pools are a popular alternative. Saltwater pools are still chlorine pools to an extent in that pools are chlorinated in which the chlorine is generated on-site from sodium chloride - natural chlorine as it were.

Obviously, you don't need to add chlorine to the sea……

Will Chlorine Hurt My Eyes?

It is essential not to use too much chlorine as it will irritate most swimmers eyes to one extent, that being said, if you do not use too much, it will not be that much of a bother. Use too much, though, and mild irritation can be much more serious.

Pools should be tested every day - you can read more about maintaining a pool here.

Can I Pee in a Chlorine Pool?

Does chlorine mean you can piss in the pool? To an extent, yes it does kills the bad bits in pee and leaves just the water element. We are not endorsing peeing in the pool, merely stating the facts.

In reality, if you go to a “pool bar”, notice how often people (men) rarely get out, even after a few drinks. You have been warned!

And that is the background to chlorine pools and why they are an important element and skill to learn when maintaining a safe and clean pool environment.

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