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4 Tools Above Ground Pool Maintenance Kit Needs

April 30, 2021

Every above-ground pool owner needs a maintenance kit, whether you are a beginner or a veteran in pool maintenance. And one of the concerns for beginners is what they should buy as they get their above ground pool maintenance kit. 

This article will tell you the right tools you need to start your above ground pool maintenance kit. And from there, you can build your maintenance kit based on your pool’s specific needs. Without further ado, here are four things an above ground pool maintenance kit needs.

You can never go wrong with having a pool skimmer on hand when you are a pool owner, especially if you have plants or trees within your pool area. 

Leaves or petals from these plants and trees will eventually fall right into your pool. And in addition to that, bugs and insects sometimes mistakenly fall into your pool and cannot get out. 

And on top of that, windy days are the worst for pool owners when it comes to maintaining above ground pools since these conditions double the amount of debris you need to clean on a regular day. 

This is where a pool skimmer will come in handy since you need to scoop out all of this debris from your pool’s surface so that you will have an incredible swimming experience.

2. Algae Brush

The pool’s surface is not the only one that needs to be cleaned. Your pool’s floor also needs the same attention. And one of the causes of a dirty pool floor is algae build-up. 

Brushing your pool’s floor is the first step to removing algae from the pool floor. Algae brushes remove algae on your pool’s floor, walls, and steps by breaking the hold of algae onto these surfaces.

There are many kinds of algae brushes out there in the market, but for above ground pools, choose algae brushes for vinyl liners like nylon pool brushes to prevent any damage to your pool when brushing.

3. Manual Vacuum

After scraping off the algae from the pool you will need to remove it from the water. This is where you will need a manual vacuum to suck out all the algae to be filtered out by your pool filter before returning the pool water algae-free.

But this might cause issues to your pool filter if you only have a two-way position valve for your filter since it will clog your filter. So we recommend that you get a multiport filter with a “Waste” option so that the pool water will bypass your filter as the removed algae are sent to an outlet.

Though manual vacuums can be tedious to use, they can reach hard-to-reach spaces with their compact design compared to automatic vacuums. This will allow you to spot clean preemptively dirty areas before it becomes a major problem.

4. Telescoping Pole

The telescoping pole is what holds all of your above ground pool maintenance kit. Most telescopic poles feature an interchangeable head option that offers versatility. You will only need one telescoping pole for your skimmer, manual vacuum and nylon pool brush.

It is also essential to consider the telescoping ability of your telescoping pole. Your telescoping pole should reach the bottom of your pool without you bending, and it should also be shortened to have more control when cleaning shallower areas like when you are vacuuming your pool steps.


Practicing good pool maintenance can be challenging without the proper tools and equipment to accomplish the task. Having the appropriate equipment for your pool’s needs will make your maintenance way easier and will allow you to have the best experience when swimming.

The products listed are only the beginning of your pool maintenance journey. Just make sure what you get from there is essential to your pool to save you money and enjoy your investment in your pool!

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